Welcome to PEN North East & Cumbria

Thanks for visiting the PEN North East & Cumbria website.

Read on to find out a bit more about what we are, what we do and how you can help.

The UK Parkinson’s Excellence Network launched at the beginning of 2015. The remit is to develop better services for people affected by Parkinson’s. We aim to do so by linking up professionals working in the field, allowing best practice to be shared, and to spread.

In essence, it is about building bridges, not working in silos.

We are one of 21 PEN regions in the UK and this website is an attempt to showcase what we are up to.

We are always looking for new members. By signing up, you are not committing yourself to anything. Honest!

If you have a great idea for a new service innovation, then great, we want to hear it. If you want help in getting this up and running, then come to us and we will try to help. If you have a passion for Parkinson’s, but feel out on a limb and would benefit from more professional support, then you have come to the right place. If you are just curious, and would like to attend some educational events, and soak up a little knowledge on a “no commitment” basis, then welcome!

Where do I sign up? Right here.

Just drop us an email – neil.archibald@stees.nhs.uk


visit the national Parkinson’s Excellence Network website

If you want to see a map of the regions, here we are … alternatively, click here


7 thoughts on “Welcome to PEN North East & Cumbria

  1. *** NEW 3 monthly CPD group – for OTs, PTs & SALTs wishing to learn fom each other, share good practice & do some regional networking. First meeting 1.30 Oct 20th Chester le Street Hospital.

    *** POD 4/Education Progress meeting – 9.30 Nov 25th Chester le Street Hospital
    Please come if you were assigned to this project alternatively you can contribute information via Basecamp.

    Contact me if you wish to attend or for more details.


  2. *** Next therapy CPD meeting 10.15, 20th Jan 2016, Rehab Dept Chester le Street Hospital – The relationship between Parkinson’s medication & therapy interventions.
    Please contact me for further info: fdyer@nhs.net


  3. *** SPRING 2016 – next therapy CPD ‘sharing good practice group’ scheduled for 2pm, 15th April, Chester le Street Hospital.
    The theme will be ‘movement strategies – what works?’ (relevant to OT. PT & SALT) including a look at laser walking aids. Holistic Movement Disorder Assessment – the ultimate initial Ax! developed by Debra Gallant.
    Please contact me for further info: fdyer@nhs.net


  4. Enthusiam!
    Well done Kristi Wintringham, Socai Services OT & her Social Worker colleague who attended PIGLET & heard about The Training for Trainers opaportunities. They said it was ‘really excellent’ & are planning to cascade their newly aquirred knowledge to 20 of their colleagues.

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  5. HI I know this may sound totally random. …but a message for Dr.Neil Archibald. …have you ever …or do you work with Complex regional pain syndrome? I have lived with it for the last 3yrs due to a small fall …I went from able bodied to disabled
    …I use a zimmer frame and crutches in the house to slowly get about and a wheelchair outside.
    I am in touch with Ken and watched the talk and dvd you did..
    I just wondered if you knew much about my condition and could help …I live with pain daily and a lot of flare ups like other people do …someone like you one board would be great.
    I also passed the Parkinson information onto a friend i know …well done in what you achieved with ken ….good job you saw a glimmer of hope in him…you got his life back for him bless you xxx Thanks


    • Hi Angela. I don’t have a specific expertise in crps. We sometimes review patients but mostly the follow up is done through the pain team. I’m always happy to see folk in clinic although, as ken will testify to, the waiting times aren’t great at the minute! Hope that is of some help. Thanks for the positive feedback. Archie


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